Richard III funeral crown to be unveiled in Tewkesbury

The funeral crown Credit: Dr John Ashdown-Hill

The funeral crown of King Richard III will be in Tewkesbury this weekend at an event to commemorate the Battle of Tewkesbury, that took place in 1471.

A funeral crown would have been at the centre of the kind of royal funeral ceremonies that the last Plantagenet king was denied when he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

The decision over where to re-bury King Richard has not yet been made, but if it is to be at Leicester Cathedral, authorities there say it will be placed on his coffin during the ceremony. If his remains are to be re-interred elsewhere, the plan is still for the crown to accompany the King.

The crown will be on show in Tewkesbury Abbey, on Saturday, from 11am.