City Council plans £1m traveller site at 'green space'

Wolverhampton City Council have put forward plans to build a £1 million traveller site in the city.

The site would be built on the Dunstall Hill Estate and cater for up to 14 families, allowing them to stay there for 28 days.

The council was ordered by the high court to find land for a traveller site after the council sought an injunction 12 months ago against 60 unauthorised travellers camps.

A public meeting is set to take place tonight (October 7) and the site will be discussed by both protesters and the council.

To comply with the terms of the injunction, the council is required to submit its plans for the proposed traveller site to be discussed at the review hearing on December 5.

The council say the land is derelict and sent out letters last week asking for people's views on the plan.

Local residents are concerned about loosing one of the few pieces of green space in the area and say they haven't been given enough time to consider it.

Dunstall Hill Estate in Wolverhampton

The council say they have carried out wildlife studies and have found no evidence of badgers or any protected wildlife and claim they will be adding to the trees.

Dunstall Hill Estate in Wolverhampton