Police in Stafford search block of flats after London Bridge terror attack

A police investigation is underway today at a home in Stafford where terrorist Usman Khan is believed to have been living before he stabbed two people to death on London Bridge.

Khan, who was killed by armed officers yesterday, is understood to have lived at the property after his release from prison in 2018.

Police have put up a blue tent and installed a screen outside the house on Wolverhampton Road this morning (November 30).

The Metropolitan Policeconfirmed in the early hours of this morning that they were investigating a property in Staffordshire.

Usman Khan Credit: West Midlands Police

Video footage from SnapperSK.

[**Khan was a convicted terrorist who had been a member of an al Qaida\-inspired group that plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange.**](http://London Bridge killer plotted to blow up stock exchange)

The 28-year-old killed two people and injured three others in a knife rampage before being shot dead by police on Friday.

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