A52 Clifton Bridge: One lane opened eastbound

Highways England have opened one lane on A52 eastbound to ease congestion for cars traveling into Nottingham.

Major traffic congestion into Nottingham was caused by repair work on Clifton Bridge which started on Thursday (6 February).

The bridge had been closed completely eastbound and one lane westbound, due to investigations following corroded steel that was found in the bridge.

One lane eastbound was set to open last night (11 February), however it took longer than anticipated to lay down a barrier and markers to keep traffic in place.

Here is a video of the traffic build up from Biker Ste700 on YouTube.

Highways England have continued to work this morning and the lane has now been opened.

Catherine Brookes, the regional director for Highways England, thanks motorists for their patience while the investigation has been taking place to ensure that the bridge is safe.

Highways England say that they are also developing plans to open a second and third lane, but do not have a time frame for when this will be achieved.