Staff lined the corridors of the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJH) in Shropshire after an 87-year-old was discharged having beaten coronavirus.

Beryl Hewlett, from Whitchurch, was wheeled off the ward to start her journey home - more than a month after contracting coronavirus.

She was initially at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where she underwent urgent trauma surgery having suffered a fall which left her with a broken hip.

She subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 after being transferred to RJH at the end of March. Thankfully, Beryl only had mild symptoms.

Beryl thanked staff at the hospital:

I’d never been in hospital before. I’d never had an operation before, and I’d never even been giddy before so I don’t know how it happened. I’m grateful to everyone for looking after me. But I’m looking forward to getting back home.”

Beryl Hewlett

Beryl was treated at the hospital’s Ludlow Ward, which has individual rooms that make it easier to isolate patients.

Helen Cooper, the manager of the Ludlow Ward said: “I’m so proud of the Ludlow team.”

It was emotional for all of us to see Beryl going home.

Helen Cooper, the manager of the Ludlow Ward

Beryl lives in an assisted living home in North Shropshire and is now on her way back.

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