Nightclubs and bars have been hit particularly hard by the impact of coronavirus and could be among the last businesses to reopen as lockdown is eased.

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Venues have been closed since March, and owners are faced with redesigning their business models to keep people apart.

Lawrence Barton runs three nightclubs in Birmingham employing more than 120 staff, all of whom have been furloughed. He says the mood in the industry is low.

We all collectively feel that we're approaching a cliff edge and unless we get some support for the sector then there are going to be a lot of redundancies.

Lawrence Barton, nightclub owner

Ocean nightclub in Nottingham regularly welcomes 1,500 students packed from wall to wall, and the owner thinks social distancing is doomed to fail.

The whole aspect of a nightclub is that it's a busy place.

Andy Hoe Owner, Ocean

The government says it's working closely with nightclubs to establish a way they can safely reopen, without risking a surge in new infections.

July 4th is the earliest that customers could return, but ministers are warning many venues could fail to meet the guidelines.

Most experts agree that the industry will have to change, looking at ways to reinvent in a world with reduced social connection.