Bag of bones found in River Soar

The remains, found by a magnet fisher, are being tested to see if they're human Credit: BPM

An investigation is underway after a bag of bones were pulled out of the River Soar just outside Loughborough in Leicestershire.

The remains, which were found by a magnet fisher on a stretch of the river by the Stanford viaduct, in Meadow Lane, are being tested to determine whether they are human.

A team of police divers carried out a search of the broader area today.

Police say the bag contained a number of bones.

Police on the scene at Stanford on Soar Credit: BPM

The increasingly popular form of fishing has provoked a number ofemergencies in Leicestershire in the past few years.

Roads have had to be cordoned off on a number of occasions whenfishers pulled potentially explosive devices from the waters they weretrawling with powerful industrial magnets.