New figures show people with invisible disabilities in the Midlands struggle to get Blue Badges

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New figures have exposed a disparity between allocations of blue badges to those with invisible and visible disabilities. People with conditions like autism say they are struggling to get the parking permits despite being eligible since 2019. 

One of those people is Jessica, who managed to secure a blue badge after initially being rejected and then having to go through the lengthy appeal process.

She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Her disabled parking permit is now a lifesaver but the appeal process made her feel like her condition isn't "valid."

Many others are still frustrated. Connor from Nottinghamshire has autism and is still trying to get a blue badge. He says it would "enable me, as an autistic person, to be able to get into those perhaps more difficult situations like going to the supermarket."

Connor also says it would take away the anxiety that goes with going to places like the supermarket.

Nottinghamshire County Council told ITV News Central say they are strictly following the Department for Transport's guidance and their staff complete "significant training so they can understand the implications of living with a hidden disability."

The government says it is currently reviewing changes to the system and would then take any action needed.