Thai cave rescue: 'Hero' diver from Coventry to be subject of Hollywood film

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A cave diver, who was part of the 2018 rescue of 12 boys trapped for days underground in Thailand, has spoken about how it feels to be made into a Hollywood movie character.

Rick Stanton from Coventry was a key player in the dramatic rescue back in July 2018, and it is now the subject of a new book and film.

Rick's character is to be played by Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen, and he told ITV News that the pair of them have regularly been meeting on zoom.

Rick described the moment he found the boys as "euphoric".

However he said it was just a start of a huge process as they had to think about how to get them out as it had never been done before.

It took the rescuers a week before they could get the boys out of the cave and back to safety.

And the rescue didn't come without challenges.

The boys had to be sedated in order to get them out due to the large distance - which meant that they had to be underwater for two and a half hours.

Rick doesn't keep in touch with the boys directly but he says he does get photos of them graduating from school or from momentous occasions.

And the experience hasn't stopped the boys from going back to the caves.

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