'On Demand' bus service trialled in Coventry meaning you can order a bus from your phone

A new On Demand bus service is being trialled in Coventry as part of plans to make the region's travel greener.

It will operate between the city and the Warwick University campus, and will allow passengers to call a bus using a smartphone app,

Transport for West Midlands say the aim is to free the bus from set routes and timetables, while reducing congestion and modernise travel.

It's hoped the changes will bring the region closer to the target of being carbon neutral by 2041.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street says, "the idea is you order it from your phone and it comes to exactly where you want it."

"It will take you on your unique journey, to your destination."

Cllr Jim O'Brien says "it's like a taxi."

"The idea is to give alternatives to the private car, and to encourage more people to use public transport."

Other ideas included in the Local Travel Plan by Transport for West Midlands include autonomous cars, more e-bikes and e-scooters, drone technology, 5G and better use of data.

The objective is to use innovation and modern technology to meet the challenges of climate change, population growth and traffic congestion.