Nottinghamshire mother-of-two meets donor who she 'owes the lives of her children' to

A mum from Forest Town in Nottinghamshire and her two children whose lives were saved by plasma donations have met their donors in Birmingham.

Nicola Hallam was told during pregnancy there was a high chance that her son would not survive birth.

Her children were born with a rare blood condition which developed in the womb. They had to have lifesaving medicines made from plasma. 

Her own blood contained anti-bodies which were being passed on to her baby in the womb - destroying her unborn son's blood cells. 

The problem was repeated when Nicola became pregnant again.

But thanks to treatment treatment for all three involving donated blood plasma, her children are now strong and healthy.

Finlay, 8, and Darcie, 5, were born with severe haemolytic disease of the newborn due to rhesus incompatibility. 

What is Rhesus Disease?