Asda fraudsters fined after self-scanning TVs and DVD players as potatoes and pears

Courtney Tilley, Daren Tilley and Dandre Day (L-R)
Courtney Tilley, Daren Tilley and Dandre Day (L-R) Credit: BPM

Three brazen fraudsters have been fined after self-scanning expensive electronic items at ASDA as potatoes, pears, onions and limes in a "foolish" scam.Dandre Day, his girlfriend Courtney Tilley and accomplice Darren Tilley targeted hundreds of pounds worth of goods at the supermarket in Minworth, Sutton Coldfield, in a 24-hour spree.But the trio were caught when the automated till raised the alarm causing them to abandon £369 of products as they fled the scene.At Birmingham Magistrates' Court last Wednesday they each admitted fraud, were ordered to pay £159.33 compensation to the store on top of a fine and other costs.Earlier this year, they targeted the shop at Walmley Ash Road on Sunday, March 21 before being rumbled the following day.On the first occasion they scanned a £149 monitor as a pear costing 6 pence. Later that day they put through two DVD players as potatoes worth 12 pence.

Dandre Day and Courtney Tilley were handed reduced fines of £80 each due to their income. Credit: BPM

The brazen scammers also scanned through a set-top box as a pear, a keyboard as an onion, while a sound bar and a set of headphones worth £120 in total were passed off as 20p limes.The following day they tried to plunder a television, sound bar and a set-top box but left the items behind when security staff were alerted, fleeing the store in a silver Vauxhall.Police subsequently issued an appeal for information which featured the masked culprits captured on the self-scan cameras.Fergal Bloomer, defending Courtney Tilley, aged 19, stated she had no previous convictions and had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.He added: "She has lost her good character which will remain with her for many years. She apologises for what happened and realises she got involved in something which started fairly simple."

Darren Tilley was ordered to pay a £200 fine, £185 costs and a £34 victim surcharge. Credit: BPM

The solicitor offered similar mitigation for her partner Day, aged 20, and said: "Their life is now based around looking after their son.

"They are both in receipt of benefits."Alan Bryce, representing Darren Tilley, aged 20, told the court his client had recently found a job which 'may well provide a route out of this sort of offending'.He said: "These were foolish offences almost bound to be caught."Darren Tilley, of Dalewood Road, Sheldon, was ordered to pay a £200 fine, £185 costs and a £34 victim surcharge.Courtney Tilley and Day, both of Kingstanding Road, Kingstanding, were handed reduced fines of £80 each due to their income and the same costs and surcharge fees.