Covid: Union calls for urgent meeting with hospital bosses in Lincolnshire over staffing issues

Credit: PA

A union is calling for an urgent meeting with hospital bosses in Lincolnshire after a critical incident was declared over staffing issues.

Lincoln County and Pilgrim Hospitals are suffering from an 'extreme and unprecedented' shortage of workers, according to an internal memo. 

The Trust says all essential services remain fully open, but Unison says it's worried the situation will leave staff burnt out.

Carol Brown, Unison, said: "Our members and our non-members as well are absolutely overworked. 

"They've had two years where they haven't been able to rest and recover. They're dealing with death on a scale that they've never known before. They're just very very tired."

It comes as health bosses in the Midlands warn the growing number of Covid patients is causing increased disruption to the health system. 

Dr Caroline Trevithick, who is the Executive Director of Nursing for Leicestershire and Rutland's Care Commissioning Group, said some hospitals are having to cancel and delay booked procedures. 

She told ITV News Central: "The impact on our hospitals is huge at the moment.

Meanwhile, PM Boris Johnson was pressed yesterday on whether further Covid measures would be necessary to protect hospitals. 

He said: "If you ask me to guess, I would say we have a good chance of getting through the Omicron wave without the need for further restrictions, and without the need certainly for a lockdown.

"And the reason we are in that position, unlike many other countries in the world, certainly like many other countries in Europe, is that we just have such a high level now of booster protection, but that is no reason for everybody not to get more."