'Success is in result': Tory voters in Stratford-upon-Avon say Rishi Sunak 'hasn't succeeded yet'

Stratford-upon-Avon Conservative voters give reaction to Rishi as Prime Minister Credit: PA

Conservative voters in Stratford-upon-Avon have reacted to the announcement of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak entering No 10, saying he has "not succeeded yet" and he's "got two years to fix this mess that we're in".

Stratford-upon-Avon's MP Nadhim Zahawi was one of those to prematurely support the return of former prime minister Boris Johnson.

The former Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster made the announcement just a few minutes after Boris Johnson announced he would not run in the Conservative Party leadership race.

He then declared his support for the Prime Minister on Twitter and said: "Let’s unite and back [Rishi Sunak] for the sake of our Country."

James and Sharon, two of Nadhim Zahawi's constituents who were in favour of Rishi Sunak, say he's "not succeeded yet".

James said: "His real success will be in a result. He's got two years to fix the mess that we're in.

"He said it was going to be difficult and there are going to be difficult decisions.

"Well it's over to you now. You've got two years because then that will make a difference in our decision when it comes to a general election."

James and Sharon supported Rishi but says he "hasn't succeeded yet". Credit: ITV News

"We're keeping our fingers crossed that he's going to be the right man," he added.

With the current split in the party, James is hoping the Conservatives will get behind the new prime minister.

"We need to stop this soap opera, which seems to be going on and on and on.

"We've got to realise that this mess has got to be fixed. They've just got to get behind him."

However Sue Gibbs, a Conservative voter from Stratford-upon-Avon, says she was "disappointed" that Mr Johnson hasn't returned.

She said: "I was quite disappointed.

"I'm a Conservative voter. I would've liked to of seen Boris returning.

"I think he's a good leader, he got us through Covid, he got Brexit done and with all the chaos that was going on when he came to power - I think he handled the job really well.

"And I think it was a shame when he went.

"If Boris hasn't come back - which he hasn't - I would rather have a general election and let us start again."

She continued: "I think the government needs a bit of an overhaul really.

"We need to look at so many things, and with the cost of living, people trying to pay their bills, the benefits system, the healthcare system.

"If Boris hasn't come back, let's have a general election. Let's start again and let the country decide."