Renewed calls for Channel Island tunnel after Faroe Islands success

Guernsey and Jersey Credit: ITV Channel News

Backers of plans for a tunnel between Guernsey and Jersey claim a similar scheme just completed in the Faroe Islands demonstrates it would be feasible here.Guernsey based Dorey Financial Modelling estimates the link would cost £2.6 billion and says it would bring huge economic benefits to the Channel Islands.

It points to a seven mile tunnel between two of the Faroe Islands which includes the world's first undersea roundabout and says the same technology could be used for a 27 mile project between the Bailiwicks.One idea is to have a train operating in the tunnels which could complete the journey in just 15 minutes.

Businessman Martyn Dorey mooted the idea in 2019.

Guernsey and Jersey see themselves as being very separate identities. We don't want to lose our competitive relationship with Jersey but we should be looking to share liabilities. The number of people that have been to Guernsey is very low and vice-versa and we have to move the Channel Islands to being a much more cohesive society.

Martyn Dorey, speaking in 2019

Mr Dorey wants to get the support of Governments in Jersey and Guernsey so that geological surveys can be carried out and says the post pandemic period will offer a window of opportunity to attract investors.The tech company has suggested that large infrastructure projects will offer a safe haven for funds following the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19.