Jersey students take part in 'BioBlitz' in celebration of World Ocean Day

Primary school children in Jersey have been working with some of the island's Marine Conservationists to find out what is in our rockpools and learn how to protect it.

Jersey Marine Conservation is holding a three day Butterfield Marine Watch Bioblitz in celebration of World Ocean Day tomorrow (8 June).

Over the next three days, one hundred and fifty students are taking part in the challenge to find and record as many different species as possible within an hour.

They are covering five sites on the Elizabeth Castle Causeway which provide different habitats to a variety of species from molluscs and crabs to starfish and urchins.

The aim of the course is to show children why the marine environment is important and how it can be protected from threats including climate change and pollution.

World Ocean Day has set a target to protect 30% of the oceans by 2030 as a critical part of the solution to climate change.

Currently more than one million marine plants and animals are at risk of extinction which will have a dramatic impact on the world's ecosystems.

Marine plants also take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and play an important role in countering global warming.