Jersey man calls for action after 'reckless cyclist' knocks grandson off bike

Broken bicycle and grandad who's calling for action
A Jersey man wants more to be done about "reckless cyclists" after his grandson was knocked off his bicycle. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey man wants more to be done about "reckless cyclists" after his grandson was knocked off his bicycle.

14-year-old Cassius Guyet suffered a broken wrist, a badly swollen knee and cuts and grazes during the collision.

His bike was also badly damaged in the crash.

Cassius was hit when a man on an electric bike, believed to be in his 30s, tried to overtake him on the cycle path near the Kiosk on Victoria Avenue on 14 October.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The teenager says the man in his 30s rode off saying he was too busy to stop - something his grandad says is "disgusting".

Passersby then came to his aid.

Mr Carne added that Cassius uses the cycle route every day, never had any issues and that he was not wearing headphones or anything that could distract him. 

The cycle path on Victoria Avenue is governed by the Policing of Parks Law, however users are still required to adhere to some Road Traffic Laws, including Article 52.

It states in the event of an accident where a) a person is injured or b) there is damage to a vehicle, the cyclist must, by law, stop and if there are 'reasonable grounds' give their name and contact details.

If they fail to do so they are under obligation to contact the police.

Jersey's Infrastructure Minister, Deputy Kevin Lewis said: "We're encouraging more people to cycle but everyone must obey the law even on a cycle track.

"We don't know who was to blame for the incident but you certainly don't ride off and leave somebody who's injured and with the damaged cycle. It's the responsible thing to do to make sure that person is okay and to make sure that no ambulance or emergency services are needed.

However, Keith Davis from Cycle4Jersey said that part of the cycle track was a particular problem.

"Before that track, there's a lovely visibility and after that track group there's good visibility but the bit by the Kiosk is badly engineered," he said. "You get to that point and it narrows and there's no line of sight. It could all be made much better by moving three parking spaces."

Officers have recorded the incident but due to a lack of witnesses and CCTV evidence have not been able to take further action.

Cassius' family are urging the man to come forward.