'Busiest year yet' for Guernsey charity turning trees into woodchip

A Guernsey charity is collecting islander's Christmas trees and repurposing them to use on site.

More than 400 trees have been booked in for collection with The Accidental Zoo.

The scheme, which has been running for several years, has helped raise and save money for the charity.

The Accidental Zoo are collecting the trees, fully recycling them to be used in a variety of ways.

Wood chip is used on site to stabilise the land for duckling runs, but is also given to local craftsmen who turn it into animals the charity sells at open days.

The Accidental Zoo is home to more than 300 animals, ranging from more exotic creatures to more familiar animals.

The charity's aim is to help islanders, some who have been referred to them thanks to a recent social prescribing initiative.

It will take months for the charity to work through their collection of Christmas trees and make use of them on site.

They aim to collect as many as 700 trees over the upcoming weeks, in what they have said could be their busiest year yet.