'Eye watering' salary offered to government's new cycling officer in Jersey

The successful candidate could be paid just shy of £70,000 a year to develop and deliver new cycling infrastructure. Credit: PA.

The salary advertised for a new Government of Jersey cycling officer has been described as "eye watering" by a former politician.

The successful candidate could be paid just shy of £70,000 a year to develop and deliver new cycling infrastructure and help make improvements on the island. Ben Shenton says while it is an important job it should be priced locally.

He said: "I'm more interested as a tax payer in getting value for money for the taxes I pay.

"So make sure the role is actually needed. There were two other similar roles to do with the transport strategy and try and hire locally and get the best people but get them at the right price."

He added: "I think if you're a nurse or a vet or a pharmacy person you're going to look at that and just think my goodness what is going on here."

But one group of campaigners in Jersey think by employing a specialist to take on the role, it could help to benefit the overall health of islanders in the long term.

  • Simon, Cycle for Jersey

Simon, from Cycle for Jersey said, "Ultimately if we get more people travelling actively where and when they can, we will see a marked improvement in the environment - particularly air quality.

"People will be living happier and healthier lives, we will certainly see a reduction in the costs on health care so then that money can be channeled to lose who need it most, particularly the elderly and those who are less able-bodied.

"We would warmly welcome someone who is very innovative, productive and delivers what they say they are going to do."

The job advert says the role will help the government to develop its Sustainable Travel Policy and the successful candidate will work on the cycling roadmap.

It says a candidate does not need five years residency to get the job, and will either be training for, or have a Chartered Transport Planning, Highways or Civil Engineering professional qualification.