Royal Navy ship HMS Brocklesby visits Jersey for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

  • Report by ITV Channel's Josh Wilde

Hundreds of people in Jersey have been learning about what it takes to work on a Royal Navy minesweeper ship.

HMS Brocklesby is visiting the island for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and opened up for free public tours as part of the celebrations.

750 visitor passes were snapped up in just 24 hours, with those lucky enough to get a ticket meeting some of ship's 45-strong crew and trying out some of the weaponry.

The vessel's Captain, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Teare, said: "Opening the ship up for members of the public to come on-board, to understand what we do for our living and what we contribute to the protection of the nation is really important.

"The sailors love talking about their jobs and it's just a great opportunity to do that."

10-year-old Xander is shown how a machine gun works by one of the ship's crew. Credit: ITV Channel TV

HMS Brocklesby is usually based in the Middle East and has assisted with operations in Iraq and Libya.

The 60-metre vessel weighs 685 tonnes and reaches a top speed of 17+ knots.