The Channel Islands' Chief Ministers welcome Liz Truss as new UK Prime Minister

Liz Truss is to become the new Prime Minister of the UK after winning the Conservative leadership contest. Credit: PA Images

The Chief Ministers of Jersey and Guernsey are welcoming and congratulating Liz Truss on becoming the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Peter Ferbrache, Guernsey's Chief Minister, said: "On behalf of the people of Guernsey, I would like to congratulate Liz Truss on her success in becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

"Our links are constitutional, historical, social and economic, and therefore touch all aspects of islanders lives. 

For that reason the States of Guernsey values what are very good relationships with politicians across the UK political spectrum and with officials in many UK Departments." 

This comes after Deputy Ferbrache travelled to London to sign a new Reciprocal Health Agreement between Guernsey and the UK.

In a tweet, Deputy Kristina Moore, Jersey's Chief Minister of Jersey, said:

"On behalf of the Council of Ministers at the Government of Jersey, I send my warm congratulations to Liz Truss on becoming the new UK Prime Minister.

"I look forward to a continued strong working relationship between Jersey and the UK."

Guernsey's External Relations lead, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, tweeted: "I congratulate the Rt Hon Liz Truss on being elected as leader of the Conservatives.

"I was honoured to meet her last year & look forward to working with her as PM along with her new team."