Schools and ports still suffering tech problems after server room overheated

Engineers have been working through the weekend after last week's fault, but it's likely to be several more days before all government services are back up and running.

Schools across Guernsey still don't have access to the internet or email after a States-wide IT system failure last week.

Several vital websites and electronic systems were taken offline after the air conditioning in a government data centre stopped working and servers overheated.

Over the weekend, engineers have been working to restore the island's most critical systems including those used by Health and Social Care and the emergency services.

But as of Monday afternoon, flight and harbour information is still unavailable, schools don't have access to the internet and the revenue service's online system is still down.

Guernsey Airport's boarding card system is unable to clear anyone who has checked in online. Passengers are being advised to leave extra time to get through check-in and security.

The States have confirmed that the system used to make benefit payments has now been restored, meaning payments will be made as normal this week.

There are still some delays in receiving income support payments.

A government spokesperson says anyone who finds themselves in 'financial hardship' as a result should contact Income Support on 01481 221000.