Incontinence pad bins installed in all men's public toilets in Jersey

The sanitary bins will be installed in all the government-maintained men's public toilets Credit: States of Jersey

Bins for incontinence pads have been installed in all men's public toilets in Jersey so islanders can dispose of their pads when they're not at home.

There's now one in a dedicated cubicle in each of the 38 men's public toilets on the island.

Incontinence is when someone is unable to control when they urinate, and often occurs among men who have conditions such as prostate cancer or bladder issues.

The move was inspired by the Boys Need Bins campaign in the UK which spreads awareness of men's need to have sanitary bins in their toilets.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Tom Binet, says: "Incontinence can be caused by prostate cancer treatment, and at these difficult times in life we don't want to be causing further anxiety over how to dispose of used pads when out and about".

He added: "This is a simple set that will hopefully make a big difference to those affected".

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