Halkett Street to be renamed in honour of Jersey's first female politician

Work renovating the precinct is set to begin in January 2024. Credit: Parish of St Helier

Halkett Street is set to be renovated and re-named in honour of Jersey's first female politician.

The St Helier precinct will become known as 'Rue Ivy Forster' if parishioners approve the change at a meeting on Wednesday 30 August.

Parish officials say the name change will also help to avoid confusion with the similarly named Halkett Place.

The two roads run parallel on either side of Jersey's central market, named after Sir Colin Halkett, who was the island's Lieutenant-Governor in the 1820s.

An artist's impression of the revamped Rue Ivy Forster Credit: Parish of St Helier

St Helier's Roads Committee has already approved plans to refurbish the road, laying new stone slabs, and installing new street lights, seating and planters.

The plans also include creating a new water fountain - something which was first mooted by Constable Simon Crowcroft in 2018.

Work is set to begin in January 2024, subject to additional funding from the Infrastructure Department being approved.

Constable Crowcroft said: "I am pleased that the [Roads] Committee has supported the next step in these proposals to refurbish an area of town that has been the source of lots of complaints.

"I am hopeful that the government will make good its agreement to provide financial support to urban regeneration schemes of this sort."

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