Britain Stronger In Europe campaign launches in the North West

Union Flag and a European Union flag outside European Parliament Information Office, London. Credit: PA

The campaign to keep Britain in the European Union will launch in the North West today.

Leaders of Britain Stronger In Europe will gather at the Pier Head in Liverpool to highlight the EU funding, which has helped regenerate communities bringing in jobs and investment.

They argue, almost half a million jobs in the region rely on our ties with the continent.

Britain Stronger In Europe's Campaign will highlight some of the other benefits of being part of the European Union.

  • Economy - free trade with European countries, increasing trade for Britain.

  • Security - Tackle international threats by collaborating with other European countries.

  • EU Funding - Britain receives EU funding supporting regional development, business investment, creates jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for young people.

  • Research and development funding

It comes after campaigns such as Vote Leave, criticize Britain's membership in the EU for issues such as the Eurozone, high levels of migration and youth unemployment.

An ITV News Poll conducted by ComRes has found that the percentage of those voting to remain in the EU has dropped from 54% to 49% since January.

David Cameron has promised a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union by the end of 2017.