Liverpool's Bianca Walkden makes history winning three Taekwondo World Golds

Liverpool's Bianca Walkden takes third gold in controversial fight Credit: PA

Liverpool's Bianca Walkden secured her third successive World Taekwondo title in Manchester.

There was controversy when the 27 year old beat her opponent, Olympic Champion China's Zheng Shuyin after forcing her to make a number of errors, to overcome her ten point lead.

Walkden was booed as she was given her historic third gold and was in tears on the podium after her opponent was disqualified in the closing stages and then refused to accept defeat.

The Liverpool fighter had competed within the competition's rules, and is now Britain's most successful World Championship fighter.

Trailing 20-10 at the time of the expulsion, Walkden had responded by employing the legitimate tactic of forcing Zheng into making errors - the majority of which involved stepping out of the ring.

Bianca Walkden becomes Briton's most successful world championship fighter Credit: PA

A defiant Walkden - the first Briton to win three world crowns - insisted she would do it all again.

Clearly emotional she said: "I went out there needing to find a different way to win and a win is a win if you disqualify someone - it's not my fault.

"People can have their opinions but I'm standing here as world champion. I wouldn't change it for the world - I would go out and do exactly the same thing again."

The Chinese delegation reacted furiously in front of the Taekwondo officials but could do little to prevent a manner of victory which is clearly accepted within the sport's code.