Couple refuse to let coronavirus pandemic stop them as they marry 5,000 miles apart over zoom

  • Video report by Victoria Grimes.

A couple determined to tie to the knot after coronavirus forced them to cancel their wedding twice have finally said 'I do' - over zoom 5,000 miles apart.

Andrew Bateman, from Maghull in Merseyside, and his would-be bride Mitzi Gussman, from Mexico City turned to the modern means of marriage

The pair met three years ago when Andrew was on holiday in Mexico and had planned to get married there last year, but lockdown restrictions forced them twice to cancel.

Andrew said: "I was a bit skeptical at first, to be honest I was a bit skeptical up until we could say 'I do', but we were that hopeful for it, that it could work, that it was definitely worth a try."

Mitzi added: "It's love, it's true, it's real, it can win anything - even distance."


Elspeth Kinder, a family law solicitor at JMW, said her advice to any couple contemplating getting married in this unusual way would be to do your homework.

She added: "Make sure you've properly looked into what the legalities are in the place they are wanting to issue them with a marriage certificate.

"If they have any doubt at all in their minds then they are best to have a civil ceremony here."

Andrew's mother Victoria Bateman, said: "It felt like a proper wedding, it very loving, very emotional. You could just see the love between the two of them."

The pair have planned a big ceremony in Mexico in 2022.