Brothers create Warrington-based sock company to tackle disability in the workplace

Video Report by Granada Reports correspondent Tim Scott

A loving brother has founded a sock company to promote conversations around diversity in the workplace by having more people with disabilities present.

Christian Laing from Warrington created Stand Out Socks to give brother Ross, who has Down's Syndrome and has always struggled to gain employment, a steady job.

It has only been two months but the company has done so well that they have been able to give 20% of their earnings to the disability charity Scope.

The company makes brightly coloured socks that they hope will start a conversation around people with disabilities in the workplace.

The brothers sell brightly coloured socks to start a conversation surrounding disability in the workplace.

Christian says: "The ethos of the business is that people with disabilities deserve the chance to work and feel valued."

This Christmas, Stand Out Socks created a special sock that they will sell in order to help their local Warrington foodbank.

All profits from the sale of this sock will go towards making sure people in warrington have enough to eat over the Christmas Period.

The brothers say they are hoping to raise as much money as possible, so nobody in their community gets left behind this festive season.