Why bright socks are helping to keep a foodbank's shelves stocked

Video report by Tim Scott

A socks business, started by two brothers to raise social awareness and give back to society, is helping to feed struggling families.

Stand Out Socks, from Warrington, has donated profits of £3500 - from its first few months of trading - to a foodbank in the town.

Its founders, Ross and Christian Laing, setup the business to make the bright, bold socks of the annual Down's Syndrome Awareness Day a year-round experience.

Ross and Christian Laing founded their socks business to "give back"

The firm was inspired by Ross, who has Down's Syndrome. He had previously struggled to find work but the company not only created a job but makes him, as they put it, "the most integral part of the business."

The money will provide more provisions for the foodbank for weeks to come

Warrington Foodbank thought they may get around £1000 from the brothers' donation but were surprised when it turned out to more than three times as much.