Terminally ill man from Altrincham completes challenge of running 5k every day for a year

  • Video report by Granada Reports correspondent Paul Crone

A terminally ill man has completed his epic challenge of running 5k every day for a year to raise money to help other people get active.

Tony Collier, from Altrincham, in Greater Manchester, was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost six years ago after he noticed a pain in his groin while he was training for an ultra marathon.

But, it did not stop him from running, and he has spent the past 365 days doing the 5k Your Way park run to raise money for the charity Move Against Cancer, which uses exercise to improve the lives of people with cancer.

Tony also created the hashtag #MoveWithTony on social media to encourage people around the world to do their own version of the 5k.

Tony Collier started his challenge in January 2022.

His epic challenge ended in Wilmslow, in Manchester, where he issued a rallying call to people to get involved.

Speaking after his final run, Tony said: "I've got my friends and family with me, my daughter has my granddaughter with her in the buggy that my wife was pushing up the course, it's just wonderful having so many people here supporting me.

"I think there's about six different running clubs here, there are loads of people from parkrun, loads of friends and family, it's just been absolutely amazing, so uplifting.

"It's great running with other people, much easier than running on your own.

"The encouragement and such a lovely group of people, the guys at the front were like me, all suffering from Stage 4 prostate cancer, so it means a lot because we've all been supporting each other for the past two or three years, they're an amazing group."

Tony started his challenge in January 2022, with the initial aim of raising £1,000.

So far, he has raised £16,000.

The night before his final 5k, Tony said "It’s been the toughest challenge I’ve ever taken on and I’m shattered.

"My treatment has made it so tough and I’m elated to have got to day 365 still fighting hard and still fit and well apart from a few injury niggles.

"Thank you so much to everyone who has donated for this amazing charity.

"It means so much to them."

Tony was joined by friends, family and other prostate cancer sufferers on his final run. Credit: ITV News

Tony was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in May 2017 at the age of 60 and given a worst case prognosis of two years.

Move Against Cancer Charity encourages those living with and beyond cancer to exercise, and provides practical and online support to people living with and beyond cancer.

Tony was made Wilmslow parkrun ambassador and North West regional champion to help develop the initiative across the North West.