James Casling's 15th birthday should have been a day of celebration. Instead, it was the day his father took his own life.

One moment he was alive, the next he wasn't. I was hurt - I'm still hurt now - but when he first did it I was like 'How could he do it to me? What did I do wrong? Why couldn't I have saved him?


Soon James too began having dark thoughts - attempting suicide on several occasions.

James was sectioned and taken to hospital. One morning he was asked if he wanted to play football and it changed his life.

He now plays for Queen's Park Rangers mental health team.

[Football gave me] my life. If I didn't have football I wouldn't be here today because it gave me something to live for - something to strive to be good at. At the time I thought I was worthless and that my family would be better off without me.


At Wembley Stadium today the Duke of Cambridge said he wanted to harness the power of football to tackle the rise in suicide particularly among young men by launching his new 'Heads Up' campaign.

James says football allowed him to confront his darkest thoughts and stay alive.