Staff at a care home in Surrey are so worried about spreading coronavirus into their workplace they have started sleeping in tents outside.

The carers at Pilgrim Wood Residential Home in Guildford will be quarantined for four weeks, isolated from their families and society.

It's about the residents' families - I really don't want to be the one who phones to say that we've got Covid-19 in here. And also it's to help protect jobs. [Covid-19] testing has been difficult. The government are saying we can get tested but actually when you phone up they say no - unless you have signs and symptoms.

Sharon Mitchell, manager of Pilgrim Wood Residential Home

Half the staff at Pilgrim Wood Residential Home have been furloughed and the remaining twelve have volunteered to live on site.

That means working together, eating together, sharing tents and days off have to be spent at the home too.

This is going to give me a chance to spend more quality time with them. That's important because they haven't got their relatives coming. We are all they see. My dad - we catch up on video chat when we can. I miss my other half as well. But the beds are comfortable and I've still got my duvet and all that so it's not too bad.

Suzie Brown, carer

Residents at the home describe staff at the home as "lovely" saying that "nothing was too much trouble".

The carers say until all families and their staff can be tested they simply are not prepared to take any risks.