Thousands of City workers stay home despite new rules aimed at kickstarting central London's flagging economy

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Tens of thousands of city workers stayed at home today despite new rules aimed at kickstarting central London's flagging economy.

Bosses were given powers to order staff back to work to try to boost the capital's retail and hospitality sectors.

But empty offices, quiet streets and deserted stations suggested most employers were unwilling to halt the lockdown habit of working from home.

Empty streets surround the City of London skyline

The square mile has assumed the appearance of a ghost town. Many shops, bars and restaurants in the square are still closed.

The normally busy Broadgate Circle was eerily stilent. Only a handful of businesses in historic Leadenhall Market have re-opened.

A handful of people in the normally packed Leadenhall Market

Cabbies queuing outside Liverpool Street station faced a wait of more than one hour for a fare.

Transport for London reported a six per cent increase in Tube passengers during the morning 'rush hour' - around 240,000 today compared to 220,000 last Monday.

At the moment we haven't got our restaurant open because there's just not enough business. Hopefully it will pick up.

Mick Aynge, Landlord, Bunch of Grapes pub

Walk in custom is really really quiet and small numbers. It is quite affecting my business.

Joe Cho, takeaway food shop owner

I've been here for two hours, I've done one job for £10

Bill Mabbort, taxi driver