Charlie Gard's parents hope second son will give others hope

Video report by ITV London Correspondent Rags Martel

The parents of Charlie Gard want the birth of their second son Oliver to give hope to other parents who have lost babies due to genetic conditions.

Charlie died aged 11 months in 2017 following a long legal battle after being diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS).

Connie Yates went into labour during a daily visit to her first son's grave on his birthday, with a healthy Oliver eventually being born the following day on August 5.

“There are people our there who have lost a child to a genetic condition, like we did, and will be scared to try again," Oliver's father Chris Gard told ITV London.

"We hope this can give people some hope that it can turn out all right.

"Charlie will never be forgotten but Ollie has made our life complete."

Charlie Gard died in 2017. Credit: PA

There were natural concerns following the death of Charlie that Oliver might have the same condition but the fears were allayed in the 11th week of the pregnancy following a genetics test.

Asked how he feels, Chris said: “Amazing, I think it’s a feeling we would never thought we’d get again after losing Charlie."

Oliver will be made aware of his big brother and hope he will be proud of him. “He will never ever replace Charlie, no one can ever replace Charlie, but he’s put smiles back on our faces and we’re so excited for the future.

"We’re so lucky and feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to do all the things we missed out on with Charlie, the first words and steps."