Sinitta: Getting the Covid vaccine is the right thing to do

Sinitta has her jab. Credit: PA

Sinitta has become the latest star to receive her Covid-19 vaccine and the singer is encouraging others to get their jab when he opportunity arises.

Fifty-two-year-old Sinitta hosted a questions and answers session for people wanting to find out more about the vaccine.

Sinitta’s mother, Miquel Brown, however, is against receiving the vaccine, although the singer is hoping to convince her otherwise. 

“We are black American and my mother has been very reluctant [to have the vaccine], as I have been, but I have spent the last two weeks finding information and then hosting conversations with experts," Sinitta said.

“I’ve been able to come to a decision that it will be a good thing to do. I know people who have died form Covid-19 and no one has died from the vaccine. I believe the vaccine is to protect us and get us back to a new, normal way of life."

During the live streaming event, Sinitta received her first jab and even has the sticker to prove it.

Sinitta, however, was still unable to convince her mum to agree to get her jab.