How Piccadilly Circus suddenly burst into bloom with 'flower flashes'

Piccadilly Circus burst into bloom on Monday with hundreds of flowers making the famous London attraction even more eye-catching.

Bunches were placed around the famous statue Eros to help bring some summer colour to central London as part of a so-called 'Flower Flash'.

The floral arrangement is the work of New York floral guru Lewis Miller and royal florist Simon Lycett. The pair set up three installations in the capital with more in nearby Soho.

The simple aim is to "create a positive, emotional response through flowers".

It's an idea which has spread to the UK from America after similar displays in New York City. Writing previously about the NYC installation Lewis Miller said:

"What initially began as an experiment to reinvigorate and reconnect us to our craft, turned into a beautiful shared experience in a city of millions.

"The Flower Flash is our gift to New Yorkers. We began in October 2016.

"Seeing people’s reactions to our Flower Flashes emphasizes the basic goodness in all people... Your city may be next!

Anyone passing the flowers in Piccadilly Circus is encouraged to pick some to take home.