Claw-blimey! Mega-crab caught by fisherman can crush a man's wrist

The crab has been nicknamed the Beast Credit: Blue Reef Aquarium

A colossal crustacean with claws so large they can crush a man's wrist has been caught by a fisherman in Portsmouth.

The cancer pagurus crab, sometimes known as a brown or edible crab, was hauled up in the pot by a fisherman.

The crab measures 26cm across - about the size of a dinner plate and weighs the equivalent of four bags of sugar.

It was destined for the dinner table until staff at Viviers fish merchants took pity on it and contacted the aquarium to see if they wanted to save it.

It has now been rehomed in Portsmouth's Blue Reef Aquarium.

The edible crab, which has been nicknamed the ‘Beast’ by aquarists, is destined to enjoy a peaceful and pot-free retirement at the Southsea wildlife attraction.