Living with dementia: Part 1 & 2

In a two-part series, ITV News has been exploring the lives of people with dementia.

The charity, The Alzheimer's Society has found that people with dementia are being ignored and neglected with not enough support available to them and their families.

As a former doctor, Jennifer Bute knows all too well the impact dementia can have. After diagnosing herself with the condition - she now lives at a retirement village where she runs memory groups.


Former priest, Peter Tullet, spoke to ITV News about being open about the condition with his friends and family, including his two young granddaughters.

Peter and his family say it's important to discuss the issues. He says since his diagnosis some of his friendships have changed, but he now has contacts around the world.

Peter was diagnosed with Alzheimers and vascular dementia five years ago.

Peter was diagnosed with Alzheimers and vascular dementia five years ago.He was working as a priest and knew something was wrong when he missed a funeral.

He says: "This was the worst day in my life as a priest. I had a funeral booked at the crematorium for 10.30am and I got up that day and saying to myself it was 12.30pm. Of course, I missed it and then I had the phone call. I'll never forget that moment".


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