'Thousands of birds will die if we close': Seagull sanctuary has just days to be saved

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins

A rescue and rehabilitation centre, which specialises in saving the lives of seagulls, is under threat of closure.

Bird Aid in Hailsham, Sussex, needs to raise £40,000 in the next three days in order to save the rescue centre.

Birds come from all over the South of England to be cared for by the team.

Gulls being cared for in the Bird Aid hospital Credit: ITV News Meridian

Julia Gould, who founded Bird Aid, has dedicated her life to rescuing and saving and injured birds.

Nursing the birds back to health and watching them fly free has been life-changing for people like Anne Welham-Jones.

Anne Welham-Jones, Volunteer said: "Everything was getting on top of me, but coming here, you've got a beautiful landscape, you've got the gulls who have all got characters of their own. I love them. If this place closed I would be in despair myself."

So far, celebrity Ricky Gervais and wildlife expert and conservationist Chris Packham have shown their support to save the sanctuary.

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