Final preparations for the UK's tallest Christmas tree at Kew's Wakehurst in Sussex

Tap to watch a video report by ITV News Meridian's James Dunham

Final preparations are taking place ready for the tallest Christmas tree in the UK to be switched on to the public.

With 1,800 illuminating low energy LED bulbs, the 37 metre tall Redwood will be the North Star of Wakehurst in Sussex this winter.

In glowing glory, the tree is one of illuminating installations to form part of the Glow Wild light trail which begins later this month.

Ahead of its unveiling, tree experts have been carrying out checks, scaling the festive feat to ensure all the lights and cables are in good condition.

  • Stunning footage shows the Wakehurst wonder it all of its glowing glory Credit: Wakehurst, Visual Air © RBG Kew

Arboretum manager Russell Croft at Kew Wakehurst, who climbed the tree to carry out an inspection, said,

"We had so much bad weather in the last few weeks. We're just checking where all the plugs have been joined up to make sure they're not soaked and they're still going to work.

"It's just about going around and checking everything to make sure that it's all going to be alright for when the event starts.

"I did choose to work at heights, so I suppose that means I don't have a problem with them.

"I don't know if it really helps with putting the lights up at home. It's a bit of a different. It doesn't really translate. I don't think I can get a cherry picker in the living room."

The tree at Wakehurst in Sussex Credit: ITV Meridian

At 121 feet tall, trumping the Norway Spruce in London's Trafalgar Square, work to get Wakehurst's wonder ready for the winter began in the summer.

For staff, the switch on of their botanical garden beast marks the start of the festive season.

Lorraine Lecourtois, Head of Public Programmes, said,

"We actually start work on this back in late August, early September, when we're getting everything out, checking all the bulbs, making sure it's all ready to go.

"But this week, when we get the Christmas tree lights up, that's the beginning of the festive season for us.

"And it's taking us into Glow Wild and and taking us into those those lovely snuggly winter evenings.

"It is the centrepiece but it's more like the North Star this year because we're having to close our mansion because it's having a new roof out on.

"And this will be the beginning and the end of the trail. It is a real focal point. And it doesn't just signal Christmas here at Wakehurst but for the whole surrounding area.

"When we light the Christmas tree, that's when people say Christmas starts in this area of Sussex."

 The experience, which opens to the public on November 24th, aims to celebrate the "spectrum of colours in nature".