Owner of filthy burger van handed hefty fine

'Supreme Delights' urgently required improvement. Credit: Stockton Council

A Stockton woman who ran a burger kiosk has been fined after inspectors found the van to be 'wholly unhygienic'.

Pictures taken by Stockton Council show thick grease lining the walls of the unit, and mouldy food waste on the floor.

Food safety inspectors said 'Supreme Delights', which was parked up in a car park on Portrack lane, urgently required improvement.

Van owner Rosana English from Thornaby, was ordered to close the fast-food kiosk after the filthy conditions were discovered by food safety officials.

She was fined £1,000 and ordered her to pay £1,130 in costs at Teesside Magistrates Court.

During a visit by Public Health Officers in may last year, the van was described as "wholly unhygienic".

Michelle Stowe, who was prosecuting on behalf of Stockton Council :

Ironically, even a food hygiene and safety guide found in the van was dirty. Credit: Stockton Council

On searching the van, inspectors found a food hygiene and safety guide covered in grease.

The dirty conditions of the fast-food kiosk also raised concerns regarding cross-contamination. Inspectors found that van owner Rosana English had been using the same knife to cut raw meat and bread buns.

39-year-old van owner Rosana English, admitted five breaches of food safety and hygiene regulations.

The defence argued that English, who has since sold the van had gone through a very difficult divorce.