Anna Turley: Heseltine sacking 'frustrating' for Teesside

Anna Turley and Lord Heseltine Credit: PA/ITV News

Redcar Labour MP Anna Turley has described Lord Heseltine's sacking 'frustrating' for Teesside.

The Tory grandee was fired as a government adviser after backing an amendment to Theresa May's Brexit Bill.

The former Cabinet minister told ITV News he had to "stand up and be counted" over Brexit - the "overarching issue of our time".

He had published a report last year on his vision for turning the Tees Valley into a 'bustling powerhouse of economic activity' after the closure of the SSI steelworks in Redcar.

I respect the way Lord Heseltine has stood by his principles and voted in what he believes to be the nation's interest regardless of his Party Whip. His sacking by government looks petulant and is frustrating for us on Teesside because of his role in its regeneration post-SSI. While I didn't agree with everything he has said in the past 18 months, he had promised government would fund the clean-up of the site and ensured Teesside was on the government's agenda. I hope the government will stand by his promises to us and honour their commitment to help us rebuild after all the damage they have done."

Anna Turley MP