Watch the brilliant way this Newcastle gymnast team delivered toilet roll to a mum

Each of the 15 girls with the City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academywere videoed individually as they somersaulted and backflipped acrosstheir gardens and bedrooms, flicking a toilet roll over fences and across rooms.

They then tied their footage together and produced the video of them all getting a needed loo roll to desperate mum-of-two Keely Dixon, 45.

They downloaded it to their Facebook page and it's gone viral.

"The girls are trying to remain positive during this time and keep in touch with each other via social media," said coach Sam, 30, of Benton, North Tyneside.

"They are using online video apps to do strength and conditioningexercises online every night to help stay fit.

"I give online conditioning for the girls every evening and set daily 'parent vs gymnast' challenges. This has had a huge impact on each household keeping their spirits high and letting each family have lots of fun and laughter.

"The girls decided to also have fun and came up with passing the toilet roll idea. We thought we would use toilet roll as lots of people have been bulk buying them and we wanted to remain positive.

"We edited the video to look like the girls were passing the toilet roll around to each other to stay connected and continue to work as a team. The video worked out really well and was a bit of fun."

The girls, all aged between 12 and 17, usually train nine hours a week - Sam, who has been a coach for 16 years, added: "The girls wanted tostay connected and stay fit during this difficult time.

"They were due to compete at Northern Teamgym Qualifiers at Northumbria University in March but this was cancelled due to the coronavirus. This was a huge disappointment to the girls as they had been training hard to prepare for the competition.

The girls who took part in the video were; Katelyn Little, 17, Lucy Little,13, Evie Dixon, 12, Amelia Atherton Brand, 14, Molli Turney, 14, Chanelle Burwood, 13, Katie Proctor, 13, Georgia Farrier, 13, Ella Gair, 14, Paige Bateman, 13, Chloe Richardson, 13, Martha Tickner, 13, Abbie Thompson, 14, Milly Gosling, 14, and Amelie Dowell, 13.

Amelia, of Coast Road, Newcastle, said: "I'm missing my gymnasticsfriends and training but making this video highlighted we are still able to be in touch via social media and support each other as a team through these difficult times. We are apart but we are still smiling and having fun keeping fit."

Molli, of Northumberland, said: "Our coach is always doing things for us, setting fun daily challenges, conditioning sessions and keeping us motivated. We wanted to give something back so we decided on this video. It was great fun, I love being part of this team."

Evie, of North Shields, North Tyneside, added: "I'm missing all my friends from gym but making this video has made me feel closer to them. It keeps our spirits up."