The soldier walking almost the length of the UK barefoot for his daughter

An Army Major is walking almost the length of the country in his bare feet - all to raise money for pioneering treatment for his daughter.

Chris Brannigan is walking the 700-mile trek from Lands End to Edinburgh entirely in his bare feet.

His daughter Hasti is one of just 400 people in the UK who have Cornelia de Lange syndrome, he's aiming to raise money to help treat her condition.

Chris said he was simply doing what any father would do for his child.

He added: "Twenty miles is a long way to walk in no shoes, and I'm doing it barefoot every day on some of the worst road surfaces in Britain, and sometimes it's even longer, I've gone over 30 miles on occasion but every time I want to stop I just remember why I'm doing it."

The barefoot mileage Chris has clocked up has, unsurprisingly, come at the expense of the health of his feet.

Hasti's mother, Hengameh Delfaninejad, said what he has done so far - battling through the pain barrier - has been "incredible".

She said: "After the first week when his feet were infected, and he ended up in A&E and I went to find him in Basingstoke, I could see what he has done and I thought I have to bring him home, he's not going to be able to continue.

"But then he came out of A&E and started running, I just, he is incredible."

Chris still has a long way to go but with a father's love driving him he'll undoubtedly be taking each and every step in his stride.