Blind kitten reunited with brother after RSPCA rescue

Gabriel and Arthur
Gabriel and Arthur are now looking for a forever home. Credit: RSPCA

A blind kitten is now being guided by his brother after the RSPCA rescued him in County Durham.

Gabriel, who was named after the Christmas angel, has no eyes. It is thought he lost his eyes after having cat flu.

The 14-week-old kitten was found alone in Peterlee by an officer from the RSPCA.

Krissy Raine remembered her colleague had rescued a stray kitten from the same area just a few weeks before, then realised the pair were brothers.

Gabriel and Arthur were reunited, and instantly recognised each other.

Krissy said: “It was a very special and heartwarming moment and wonderful to think Gabriel would have something familiar in a different world.”

“Even though he was from a feral colony when I took him to the vets, they were shocked by how calm and friendly he was and instantly fell in love with him. We named him Gabriel as he is an absolute angel and everyone who meets him adores him!”

Krissy’s colleague, Inspector Gemma Lynch, had rescued Gabriel’s brother Arthur six weeks before from the same area. Arthur was very poorly when he was rescued and had to have surgery to remove an eye, which was also believed to have been damaged by cat flu. His second eye was saved.

“Gemma couldn’t believe it when she realised she had rescued his brother a few weeks before and we knew we had to reunite them,” said Krissy.

"They are both with the same foster family now, they are such calm, caring and affectionate cats - such special little angels. Now that they are back together, Arthur can guide Gabriel through life.”

The pair will be looking for a home together in the future where they can live as indoor cats.