County Durham woman forced to isolate in Spanish Covid hotel warns 'think twice' about a holiday

A woman from County Durham who has been forced to isolate in a Spanish Covid hotel, is urging people in our region to think twice before booking a foreign holiday.Gabriella Conlan-Fernandes was in the country on a four-day break when a friend she was with tested positive.


She has been speaking to her family every day through her 10-day isolation via video call, and says the 10 days in isolation whilst abroad was harder than if she'd been forced to isolate at home.

She is now advising anyone hoping to head overseas on holiday this summer to weigh up the risks before deciding to book or not.

ABTA, which is a trade association for tour operators and travel agents in the United Kingdom, says the picture for tourists hoping to head abroad this summer is improving, especially now government rules mean those doubled jabbed won't have to quarantine on their return to the UK.

Sean Tipton, ABTA

Gabriella and her friend leave their isolation hotel on Tuesday night - and they plan to head straight to the airport and catch the first flight back to Newcastle they can.After their four day break turned into an almost two week stay in Majorca, they're warning people in our region who are planning to head abroad in the months ahead that their desire for a sunshine break, could come at a cost.