Bishop of Durham 'deeply honoured' by role at King's coronation

The Rt Reverend Paul Butler acted as one of the King's Bishop assistants during the coronation. Credit: PA

The Bishop of Durham said he would feel "deep honour" representing the North East at the coronation of King Charles III.

The Rt Revered Paul Butler played a pivotal role in the ceremony of the new monarch on Saturday 6 May.

During the event Bishop Butler acted as one of the King's Bishop assistants alongside the Bishop of Bath and Wales.

This meant escorting the King everywhere during the coronation service.

The pair met King Charles at the west door, escorted him up to the high altar into his seat, and then throughout the service shadowed the monarch's movements, ensuring he is supported and everything goes smoothly.

Historically the Bishop of Durham have been involved with the coronation of new monarchs over hundreds of years.

He said: "I think it's fabulous that it's been a bishop from the North East who's always been involved, because it's a reminder to everybody, visually in one sense that the King is the King of the whole nation.

"I shall be very aware that I am representing the people of the North East; not just from the church, but I am representing the whole people."

Bishop Butler added: "I shall feel deep honour and I shall be constantly praying for the King. I'm really conscious that the King and Queen see this not simply as a ceremony to be undertaken but a solemn moment and commitment to serving the nation under God.

"In the midst of all the pomp and ceremony I know the King wants to get across his call to serve; He's called to service the King of Kings and he's called to serve the people."

"I think I will be feeling extraordinarily honoured that I'm one of the people physically closest to him on that really important day. "

Bishop Butler admitted that there will be some nerves for such a momentous occasion, but is hoping numerous rehearsals will be help iron those out.

Speaking to ITV Tyne Tees, he added that his family find it amazing that he his participating in such an event.

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