'Please, no more copies of The Da Vinci Code' says Oxfam charity shop

A charity bookshop is asking people to stop donating The Da Vinci Code after becoming overwhelmed with copies.

The store has been inundated with copies of the mystery-detective bestseller on a weekly basis for months, leaving them with little room for any other books.

Staff at the Oxfam shop in Swansea say they are struggling to shift copies of the Dan Brown novel, and would rather kind donors hand in their vinyl instead.

A sign instore says: "You could give us another Da Vinci Code... but we would rather have your vinyl! We urgently need more records to help keep our customers happy...and make more money for Oxfam."

Shop manager Phil Broadhurst said: "It's funny because with the Dan Brown sign people laugh and take a picture. We normally don't leave the displays up that long but have with this.

The Da Vinci Code became a worldwide hit after its release in 2003, and has so far sold around 80 million copies despite mixed reviews from critics.

The Oxfam shop hit a similar problem last year with secondhand copies of steamy novel Fifty Shades of Grey - forcing it to tell donors: "Please - no more."

It became so inundated with "literally hundreds" of the books they were forced to hand them over to a warehouse for storage.