Ystalyfera residents could return home after landslips

Ystalyfera residents evacuated following a series of landslips could return to their homes if a survey says they are safe, according to the council.

Landslips behind properties on Cyfyng Road resulted in residents from ten properties being told to leave their homes and handed notices requiring them to remove hazards.

These include the repair of sewage systems and the separation of their gardens from a sheer drop.

In a statement, Neath Port Talbot Council said that a number of the houses are no longer connected to the sewage system and that waste was flowing into a nearby canal.

In a public meeting on the 25th of August the residents of the ten properties were advised that is the hazards were addressed they could move back into their properties.

However, if geotechnical reports were to indicate that the houses cannot be safely supported, then it was unlikely they would be able to return.

If this were the case, the council says it would consider serving demolition orders on the properties.