Wood wants law to make Welsh Govt invest in all of Wales

Leanne Wood will make a speech setting out her ideas. Credit: PA images

A new law that would force the Welsh Government to "fairly share public investment" across Wales is one of a series of proposals being launched by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood.

She'll say in a speech that it's not an attack on the capital city because the poorest parts of Cardiff would benefit, as well as the former industrial communities that tend to be the worst off places in Wales.

Plaid Cymru have been highly critical of the Welsh Government's plans for a new motorway south of Newport, which the party sees a a £1 billion investment in one part of Wales. But in her speech, Leanne Wood will make a broader point about spreading power and responsibility to all communities.

After her speech, Leanne Wood will set out her ideas in a pamphlet, as well as embarking on a speaking tour of Wales. She says she will offer a "radical agenda" to give people a greater say over what most affects them and their communities.